• New York needs progressive leadership that 

    will be ready on Day One to bring us forward.


    A lifetime of experience uniquely prepares Scott Stringer to lead New York City out of crisis.


    • As City Comptroller, Scott Stringer has exposed waste and mismanagement in every city agency. He has overseen growth in the City’s $240-billion pension funds - the fourth largest in the nation - to record levels. 
    • Building on his decades of activism against systematic racism in the criminal justice system, Scott Stringer led the pension funds to divest from the private prison industry and forced corporations across America to diversify their boardrooms.
    • Scott Stringer took on the world's largest fossil fuel companies and has been called "one of the strongest voices for climate action" by Bill McKibben, founder of the climate advocacy group 350.org.


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    Scott Stringer has the experience and the vision to rebuild our

    city and economy — stronger and fairer for all.


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